Best first conversation

Before there is a company, there is a conversation - we want to be that first conversation

Early Stage

We invest as early as the friends and family round and as late as Series A. We reserve capital to follow-on.

Made in NYC

NYC is our home and we're proud of it. We have a deep network here, but fund companies anywhere.

Non-LP Backed

BoxGroup is 100% internal capital, and it's a competitive advantage. We spend all of our time with companies, not LPs.

$200-$500k Checks

We don't believe in sharp elbows and invest alongside other investors.

Friend in The Room

We believe in tough love and honesty in building relationships with founders. WYSIWYG.


We partner with entrepreneurs who value integrity, curiosity, and ambition.

Our goal at BoxGroup is to invest at the earliest stage.

Early stage fundraising has taken on many names - friends & family round, pre-seed, seed, etc - and we're open to all of them. We're comfortable with what early means - a lot of assumptions, more vision than traction, and raw product.

We support companies based on conviction in the team. We believe in "founder market fit" - the concept that certain teams are able to unlock specific markets. This is the first step to get to "product market fit." Ideas tend not to be equal opportunity which means that it requires the right team to bring a vision to life.

We hope technology can be a catalyst for positive change and progress. We look for entrepreneurs working at the beginning of movements in existing markets or new markets yet to be created and with visions to create the next generation of category defining businesses.

Lastly, companies are borne out of leadership. The strongest leaders display paired values and we seek out: humility with audacity, genius with hustle, curiosity with authenticity, honesty with salesmanship, and wacky with pragmatic.

Meet our team

David Tisch


Adam Rothenberg


Nimi Katragadda


Parth Dalal


Adina Davis


Our investments

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